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In this modern era, where every word is prefixed with letter ‘e’, this study introduces the new method of distant learning (e-learning), a Virtual classroom system that enhances the interaction between students and teachers. There are many Virtual classroom systems available in the market,
but lack features like interactive response, live streaming, and assignment management.

Many systems have virtual instructor and thus student can’t ask questions immediately and get responses. However students learn effectively by interactive communication and collaboration. This Virtual Classroom system introduces a new design for e-learning that tries to remove these problems and increase the interaction between teacher and students, as if they were studying in real classroom. Teacher can stream his/her lecture live, upload assignments, answer questions at same time. On the other hand student can raise their hand (virtually) and ask questions. As this virtual system is based on intranet, overheads of the internet are decreased considerably.

Sorry No screen shots Available but You can download the source Here (Github)


Infinity theme (Conky) for Linux desktop is one of the beautiful theme having a tree like structure for displaying processes, disk space, and kernel etc. The theme was designed kept nothing in mind (it was just a 30 min work) and I personally never knew that it was going to be such a great success.

Some of the reviews from popular sites for the theme

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